SLI Connect

Join us in Seattle for our customer summit!
October 2, 2014, after

We’re planning an incredible experience for our customers – a day of learning and sharing designed to accelerate your e-commerce sales through the holiday season and plan strategies for 2015.

SLI Connect takes place the day after at the Hyatt Olive 8 in downtown Seattle. The full-day agenda includes:

  • Kick-off dinner the evening of October 1st
  • E-commerce tech talk with SLI CTO Wayne Munro and SLI CEO Shaun Ryan
  • Industry panel including Retail TouchPoints editor Alicia Fiorletta 
  • Sneak peek into the SLI product roadmap, with an interactive session to express your priorities for 2015
  • Quality time with your SLI Customer Success Manager and Account Manager
  • Drinks, dining and plenty of networking 

Register here, then watch for more details coming to your inbox.


Alicia Fioreletta, senior editor at Retail TouchPoints

Shaun Ryan,
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at SLI Systems

Wayne Munro
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at SLI Systems

Jason Miller
Product Evangelist at SLI Systems

Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer at SLI Systems

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